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Hello to all our incredible and highly-valued ML Clients,


We are now OPEN!


Now we understand that not everyone is comfortable with reinitiating “normal” behavior, and that something like personal training may carry with its endeavors some risk in relation to this pandemic. We all understand this as well as we understand that your physical health and fitness is in our hands as it was long before this calamity. We will protect each and every individual who walks through our doors as we would our own families. What does this mean?

Let’s address some particular concerns:

  • We will ask that everyone wear a mask upon entry and exit of the facility, though during exercise mask-wearing is not mandatory.

  • We will have signage available for anyone that may not be aware of our expectations and protocol.

  • Our “side” door, accessed by the handicapped ramp will be the only means of entry

  • Our “front” door that we are all accustomed to walking through for entry will be an “EXIT ONLY” option. We will have signage corroborating this.

  • You can warm up on the cardio equipment per usual with physical distancing in mind, but when the weather permits, let’s warm up outside with a walk or some equipment we may keep out front.

  • Upon entry everyone will be protected by what we are told is the first line of defense against this siege with temperature measurement with an infrared thermometer to detect any hidden fever. Anyone with a measurable fever result will be turned away. 

  • All of our trainers, as long as we are not involved in physical activity, will wear masks during all training interaction unless, you as a trainee, choose to have us create and are clearly able to maintain a 6 foot distance. 12 feet will also be available at anyone’s request. 

  • The lobby area: we ask that you do not hang around the lobby area at this time (before or after your session). We love that our gym is a community and want to keep that alive of course! So we just ask that if you’d like to stay and chat with members please do so outside while maintaining social distance.

  • All of our trainers will be tested for the virus as often as the local system, budget and safety make testing available. 

  • Goodness forbid, in the event anyone of our clients or anyone we are connected to (in any discernable way) falls prey to this virus, you will all be the first to know.

  • We will have masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer available to anyone that may have forgotten or even (sadly) might disagree with our protocols.

  • We will obsess over cleaning surfaces in a way that could potentially cut into each of our time-slotted sessions by a few minutes here and there, so please bear with our cleaning endeavors as it seems this is as important as getting back into our fitness is.

  • We will simply shut down use of the showers in the first few weeks here to be extra-safe.

  • We are asking to limit occupancy in the locker room/bathrooms and will have an “Occupied” and “Vacant” displayed on the doors.

  • We will perform class endeavors outside as often as weather, gear and particular workouts allow. We want everyone to feel safe to move around at will and outdoor space the surest access to this.

  • When we can’t be outdoors, we will be in a highly ventilated, particularly-spaced indoor environment. All class-goers will have their own safe-spaced area with all appropriate equipment within said space. There will be enough space to move effectively, efficiently and healthfully without interrupting anyone else’s “safe space.” The indoor classes will be limited to 5 participants. Outdoor will have no limits. We are given unlimited access to the park across the street and the parking lot behind the gym. The unlimited opportunities of these venues can’t be applauded more than we’ve already had the chance to. We are incredibly excited as we’ve been working to have this opportunity for years and here we are!

  • For those clients that have “banked” sessions, we will use these before we turn the autopay cycle back on and we can coordinate this with your trainers. Otherwise our billing cycle will begin again on the 20th. We are told payment dates will remain the same as before we were shut down by our credit card processing company once resumed.


Having said that, we also recognize that many of us are trepidatious about stepping into an area that we don’t have control over ourselves. Potentially even venturing out into the world for fear that this invisible encroachment (COVID) might find its way into our lives is a legitimate concern for many of us, indeed. We understand and this is why we have so diligently and obsessively gone over our new protocol that will bring us safely forward into this unknown world we find ourselves in. As a result, we haven’t only created the plan you see above, but we will also be available via the internet to all of us that don’t yet feel comfortable venturing out. Let’s not allow this COVID to keep us from accessing our fitness needs any longer than it already has. For those that see our facility as less-than-safe and still need our attention, we will have ourselves available within the same guidelines we have always known, simply virtually! Whether it’s a class that we are live and present for or a one-on-one session that we have all come to expect our particular and expert attention within, we will be there for you in the very same way through these digital meeting rooms. Let us not allow any excuse to not access our fitness goals and dreams, particularly after all that we have gone through in the past months. Starting Monday June 22nd will begin with some virtual classes, you will see them available on our mindbody app and website just as you would see any other class. Access to these classes will be governed by the same Unlimited packages that exist any class passes in your account will work as any other class. The 10 for 10 class package will also work as per usual. More specific information on these virtual classes will follow this week in another email. For those of us that are interested in virtual training with your trainer (one-on-one), simply contact your trainer to set up the process.


Now is the time to take back our health. Let us know how we can help us all succeed in that fight, as we are willing and able in any capacity.
Be well, be safe, and continue to be kind.

Shane Sherman
Owner/NASM-Cert. Fitness Trainer
ML Fitness
Move well, Move often & Lift heavy things

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