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Even though my last letter suggested we are shut down full-stop, we can’t help but look for opportunities to help share our commitment to fitness in this wildly confining time we find ourselves in. Our own undying-light-filled trainer, DJ has chosen to put together an entire month of 30-40 minute XE class sessions that we can all manage to perform at home. We’ll be posting these workouts Monday-Friday on our Facebook page and website so that we are able to find some way to move during this highly unmotivating time. Personally, these walls seem to be shrinking in on me and I need someone like DJ to provide me no excuse to not move well, move often and lift (any weight we have around us).

These workouts will be structured in a way that needs little equipment and space, but with the most inspiration and attention possible. Hopefully we can all take part in some way. Below is a description showcasing what DJ hopes to share with us all. Look for these workouts to begin April 1st! Be well and be safe.


XE home workouts!!!! In these workouts you've got everything from your classic push/pull all the way down to legs and glutes sculpting. I want to help us all stay on track with your goals in this unprecedented endeavor we’re all taking part in. Let’s dive in to some workouts, forget about what’s happening around us and focus on what’s happening within us. Let’s see what we can make of this home-bound situation in these workouts to help you keep motivated and moving!!!!


Best of health,


Shane Sherman

Owner/NASM-Cert. Fitness Trainer

ML Fitness


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